This week Egypt has went through many distressing moments from economic problems to terrorism and even extreme romantic gestures.

The hijacker of the plane was falsely misnamed Ibrahim Samaha a veterinary medicine professor who received an official apology from the prime minister, the hijacker is  now known as  Saif El Deen Mustafa a history teacher and recidivist with a criminal record that includes “forgery, impersonation, burglary and drug dealing”

Saif is now being held by Cyprus authorities for 8 days pending investigation and due to return to Egypt for prosecution.

What charges will Saif face when he crosses the Egyptian Boarder?  

The Egyptian Penal Code describes a set of punishments attributed with Saif’s actions

According to Article 88 of the Egyptian Penal Code

Anyone who illegally seizes an aircraft or a vessel, or land transportation, jeopardizing the safety of the people on board, shall be sentenced to temporary hard labour.

If the perpetrator uses terrorism or if the seizure results in the injury of any person who was inside or outside the means of transportation, as provided for in provisions 240 and 241 of this law; or if the perpetrator resists public authorities, using force or violence, while performing their duties when trying to regain control of the seized means, he shall be sentenced to hard labour for life.

If the seizure results in the death of a person inside or outside the means of transportation, the perpetrator shall be sentenced to death

Also Article 167 stipulates

Whoever deliberately exposes to risk the safety, or interrupts the traffic and course, of the land, water or air transport means and system, shall be punishable with temporary hard labour or imprisonment.

 And Article 280 has made Saifs’ insurgents at a cost

Whoever arrest, confines or detains a person without an order from one of the concerned judges/ruling governors, and in other than cases wherein the laws and statutes authorize the arrest of suspects, shall be punished with detention or a fine not exceeding two hundred pounds.

a smile in the sky

So before hijacking a plane to get your ex-wife’s attention, please think about the consequences!