Creating, filling, and searching for documents has become a routine procedure in every law firm, and immensely time consuming for lawyers working on hundreds of documents. Having various types of files, whether in an electronic format or otherwise, means that it is necessary to save them all in one centralized store to make the retrieval process easier and quicker. With that in mind, today’s law firms are up against greater challenges that faintly existed in the past, and investing in a Document Management System (DMS) is deemed to be worthwhile.

In the last ten years, significant advances have been made in legal technologies to improve document management for law firms. These developments will be better fulfill the needs of users, as opposed to using consumer products or more traditional ways of saving documents.

Certainly, there are already a number of products on the market for managing electronic documents, and they each provide different features. Nonetheless, the leading one in the industry, and the most recommended for a law firm is Worldox GX4, which is supported by the recognized legal technology Emedia Technology Resources.

Worldox allows you to create, store and retrieve electronic documents, videos, pictures, and audio files by using client, matter, or any other key information. All of the above could be located once your document has been saved. This will allow you to acquire detailed profiles for each record.

While saving your documents, Quick Profile is a feature that helps your team profile new documents, as you can save frequently used profile information and reuse it without having to re-enter same information again. Not only does this save time, but it also enforces accuracy and consistency, and makes documents easier to find in the future.1

Worldox integrates with MS Outlook in order to easily file emails and their attachments. Each time you send an email, a pop-up message will automatically appear to save your email with its related client and matter. By capturing all other relevant information, users can even access their emails without accessing the DMS.

Furthermore, another important feature is the version control. This includes the ability to save multiple versions of a document with detailed comments, and to revise the documents while preserving the original files. It’s very secure, as versioning preserves each step taken in a document’s history.

Version Control – Worldox provides multiple versions of any one document, with detailed comments possible for better document workflow control. Discretionary version control enables creation up to 256 renditions per file.

2Creating one place to reclaim all of the firm’s documents is a great feature, as it gives it stronger control over the documents’ security and access. It carries out this characteristic by defining who can access which file based on their position in the workplace, whether in the legal team or in other departments; for instance HR or accounting. In addition, it will simplify the backup process for the IT division.

Moreover, Worldox features a powerful search capability that provides several ways to search for documents. Using the main search form, as well as customizable search forms and shortcuts, all text within documents, emails and attachments are listed automatically. The use of keywords allows the quick retrieval of files, which is helpful when you are unsure of the document’s name or category. In addition, you can search by using a phrase within your department’s repository for similar documents. Worldox incorporates the powerful ISYS search platform – the dominant search engine used within the legal field for e-discovery and other applications.

Another way to use the search engine is by using filters, which enables you to find a document by category, format, date, type or author. Additionally, it reveals the number of documents under a classification.3

When saving a document, Worldox provides a section for comments. This could be used to write brief instructions, or attach images, audio, or video files. These annotations can also be located via the search portal, which permits non-text files to be found more easily.

By posting documents online from your DMS, your team can always access and work on a document anytime and anywhere, by using a desktop, mobile web browser, or the Worldox iOS application for Apple products.13

Worldox Web Mobile is an extension to your in-house DMS. It gives your team the power to access the same document store seen in the office by simply having an Internet connection – all without installing any new software on any of their portable devices. It also allows outside counsels located in different countries to review and share documents.

Moreover, when users connect from a standard PC, they automatically obtain powerful, robust web-based tools, along with most of the features and functions you already know and currently use.

Worldox is easy to administer and requires minimal IT overhead. It also manages users and secures documents by integrating with Microsoft Active Directory. This supports your organization’s overall security mechanisms, and prevents others from gaining unauthorized access to documents.


Worldox is provided by Emedia Techonology Resources

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