Lebanon that beautiful country shadowed by the grandeur of the Cedar Mountains brought to the world its ever so tasteful Lebanese cousin and while on the search for a piece of Lebanon here in Egypt our cravings took us all the way to Katameya Heights Golf & Tennis resort poolside restaurant Breeze.

A little piece of Lebanon found its way to Egypt and took us by surprise when we first stepped into Breeze. We were greeted by the friendly restaurant manager that took us to a table situated by a glass wall overlooking the gardens and the swimming pool. Breeze pleasantly delivers the feeling of modernization with a dash of Lebanese ambiance that creates the vibe of sitting in a restaurant at the top of Cedar Mountains.

Indeed the restaurant is well-named “Breeze”, the restaurant is open air with an unbarred façade viewing the pool that lets in an enjoyable the summer breeze that opens the appetite and builds a thrill sensation for what to come next.


breeze2As soon as we were seated Breeze executive Chef came to our table welcoming us, such attention to hospitality gives all the visitors special treatment. The Chef’s passion for food was overwhelming that we wanted to try every item on t
he menu but unfortunately there is so much to experience and not enough space for it.

We had a pleasant surprise as the aroma from food raced towards us as the waiter was closing to our table and as he placed the plates before us our senses went into a complete array as the colors and smells were a delight. We were first served two entrées, Rokka cheese salad which is grilled halloumi cheese laid above rocket marinated with somack and olive oil, then came the mix baby leaf which are different types of fresh lettuce topped with goat cheese and pistachio and, seasoned with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil. The entrées were flawless.

When the main dishes were served, first we were delighted with onion marinated lamb kebab with pine nuts served with grilled vegetables, following the kebab came along the grilled chicken fillet marinated in Lebanese spices also served with an assortment of grilled vegetables. To end our indulgence in this amazing cousin the chef served us grilled lamb chops marinated in house special spices, this dish, in particular, had an amazing balance between the taste of the lamb chops and the freshness of the tabula “parsley salad” served alongside it.

After a bright meal, it was time for refreshments, for those of you who drink alcohol Breeze offers traditional cocktails and spirits for all tastes.

If you want a getaway from the noisy streets of Cairo then head to Breeze in Katameya Heights clubhouse and enjoy the stress-free environment that transports you to a serene place of relaxation.

Average price per entrée: 35 EGP

Average price per main dish: 120 EGP

Average price per cocktail: 75 EGP

Ratings: 7/10

Address: Katameya Heights Golf and Tennis Resort, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

Telephone: (+202) 2758 0512, (+2) 01013331188