Today people all over the world seek inspiration as never before, in their personal lives but especially when it comes to building their careers. Rare is the person who does not want to express their individuality and offer something innovative in their field; in fact, many dream of being the next “big thing”, breaking barriers and charting a new course to offer groundbreaking services that will have the whole world talking.

It’s all about success: achieving it, basking in it, spreading it.

Hugo Boss is a name and a brand that embodies success. And with this success comes a sense of empowerment and inspiration that goes beyond looking good. It encapsulates the qualities that lead to personal and professional achievement: daring to be different, having passion for what you do, striving for excellence, channelling your confidence to overcome obstacles and continually become better.

To offer a visual illustration of these qualities, Hugo Boss Egypt invited seven of Egypt’s most successful professionals to spend a day at their store. Each entrepreneur chose an outfit that fit their personality and posed for a photoshoot to give a snapshot of their lives and insights into the secrets of their success. Each one told the story behind their rise and what advice they would give to young people still at the start of their journeys.

Portraying some of Egypt’s most inspiring and successful men, leaders who have achieved many of their goals and dreams early in life, Hugo Boss wanted to showcase excellence. From entrepreneurs to managers who have helped to establish a strong presence for their companies, the participants were carefully selected because of the way that they embody characteristics that complement the Hugo Boss brand and values.

Each successful leader agreed that developing young talent was among the key motivating factors in their professional lives. Each one believes in the power of strong teams to grow a company or business. They were emphatic in their encouragement of early-stage professionals, stressing that anyone can get to the place they are aiming for, if they truly believe in what they are doing and work towards it with passion and perseverance, using a practical approach and learning from the challenges they encounter.

This is the spirit that Hugo Boss is looking to spread. Just as the brand has been dedicated to making the world’s finest menswear since the early 1900s, so it wants to showcase excellence and inspire young professionals to strive for it in their careers. Most of all, it wants to emphasize that success does not come in a “one size fits all” template. The success stories of these leaders show that being innovative and expanding your market means adopting the risky, exhilarating approach of deciding what you as an individual have to offer, giving it everything you have during all the ups and downs – and enjoying the ride.

Ahmed El Ganzoury: The Maestro
Life is an orchestra and you’re the maestro.

“Every time you close one door, I promise you, a million ones open. Just keep trying and keep believing that you can do it. You will.”

The name Ahmed El Ganzoury is synonymous with the best parties that Egypt has ever seen.

As the CEO and founder of byGanz Extraordinaire, Egypt’s leading events and PR company, he has set the bar for luxurious parties that are a long way out of the ordinary. Ganzoury started his career early, motivated by his love for parties and all that is entertainment. He started by hosting private parties at his house, which gradually expanded and got bigger and bigger until he reached the status of party mogul that he has today.

What sets him apart is his strong eye for detail and his constant exposure to the international scene, enabling him to bring Egypt all the newest trends in the business. This has granted him success not in Egypt alone but also overseas, having hosted parties in London, Ibiza and Mykonos. He is also one of the managing partners of ‘Fun Factory’, which has brought world class shows for children and the family, such as Dora, The Sound of Music and Thriller, to Egypt.

Ganzoury believes in operating with passion and persistence to get to where you want to end up. This is what has enabled him to make such a strong name for himself in the entertainment industry, despite all of the difficulties he has faced when it comes to organizing big parties in Egypt.

Bassem El-Hady: The Storyteller
Never be afraid to share your story. Every story is worth sharing.

“Wherever you are you should focus on developing yourself and those around you. That’s how you’ll develop and help Egypt rise.”

Bassem El-Hady is a wholehearted believer in the power of educating people through stories, which is why he founded both TEDx Cairo and Kijami, Egypt’s leading digital media agency.

Having been a TED enthusiast for four years and following the establishment of TEDx, El-Hady started TEDx Cairo with two of his friends in 2010 when they were in their last year of college. The event was a huge success and was also the start of the trio’s journey together into the world of entrepreneurship.

In 2011, they decided to take their success to the next level and started Kijami, having identified the power and rise of digital media in Egypt. With their educational backgrounds being in computer engineering, El-Hady and his partners recognized the need for a dedicated, professional platform that would take creative digital marketing to the next level.

Kijami started with three people working in two departments. Now, the agency has 120 employees and 14 departments and has expanded outside of Egypt to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. El-Hady’s philosophy is that the rise of a company doesn’t only come from its founder or CEO, but mostly from the team. For this reason, he puts a lot of effort into developing the middle management; he cares about the career paths, the personal and professional development of his team members. And that’s what truly motivates him in life: it’s all about educating to create a story and then being able to tell it.

Sameh Kamal: The Believer
Always face life with a laugh and work towards what you truly believe in.

“Yes, I was afraid. But my fear was of becoming an average employee.”

Sameh Kamal is the founder of CELIA Professional, an Egyptian company that specializes in cosmetic products. He started his career early, when he was still in college. On a trip to China he decided to buy cosmetics, which he then started selling and distributing in Egypt and Lebanon. Before he knew it, he had started developing his own products and later started his own company in 2012 to expand his reach and product scope.

He does this while maintaining a day job as Senior Sales Manager at Capital Group. In his eyes, working for such an established company and being part of a successful environment really inspires and motivates him, pushing him forward on his entrepreneurial path. Now, Kamal is starting two new brands: one producing quality Egyptian cotton apparel and the other producing cotton sheets and towels. He believes that every day brings different possibilities that one has to take advantage of; that’s why he aims to take full advantage of both work and leisure time.

Hassan Morshedy: The Storm
Work with passion, think with practicality.

“You fail, you start to develop your own tactics. The key is not to repeat the same mistake twice. You will always need dedication, knowledge and a good supportive team.”It would be impossible not to recognize the name Morshedy when it comes to real estate. Hassan Morshedy, real estate tycoon and CEO of Memaar Al Morshedy, has been leading the 35-year-old company for the past ten years. Under his direction, the company has seen a growth of close to 300%. This has come as a result of Morshedy’s vision and philosophy of offering high value for money, which he does through providing luxurious middle-income housing. When he took over the company, he saw a gap when it came to offering this type of housing, so he decided to focus on bringing international, high-end designs into this part of the sector.

Through his collaboration with international design giants, like Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders, he has been able to start bringing to Egypt key components of the lifestyle that he encountered during his time in Los Angeles, where he owned and operated a luxury furniture and interior design company.

Morshedy is trying to change the mentality of the Egyptian market from perceiving an apartment or a house as just a space to live to perceiving it as a living-space. He has been able to spread this message through his company’s strong marketing campaigns that have set them even further apart from their competition. Now Memaar Al Morshedy, which has positively impacted over 60,000 residents in Egypt, is expanding beyond Egypt to include projects in Greece.

Hussein Nassar: The Coursing River
Nobody can stop a river from flowing. Go with the flow on your own path.

“There are certain things – skills – that you have that no one can take away from you. Never shy away from teaching people all they need.”

Hussein Nassar is the man behind the design of one of Cairo’s favorite go-to spots in town: Sequoia. In fact, this was the first project that he undertook as his own boss, a mere three months after graduating from college. Since then, he has taken up small and big projects, residential and commercial, which have led him to where he is today: founder of Hussein Nassar Designs, one of the leading interior design and contracting companies in Egypt. He is the creative mind behind the designs of some of Cairo’s favorite locales, such as Gaby’s and Baltazar. He has also expanded his scope to include projects in Greece.

When Nassar first started his company, he was focused on doing what the market demanded and what the clients wanted of him. He believes that in order to set your own rules, you need to first follow the rules set by others, be great at implementing them and then you get to the stage where you can break them. This is what has led him to succeed, along with his great eye for luxury design.

Hussein Heiba: The People Person
Some people can drag you down, but others will push you forward. You will push yourself forward as well. Work on that.

“Realizing an idea is one step and continuing with the idea is another step – you encounter a lot of obstacles and a lot of people will tell you to let go. It’s not easy; there are a lot of ideas out there.”
Hussein Heiba’s dream is to see Egypt’s real estate developments transform into spectacular structures. As the managing partner of OWH, a real estate consultancy and development company, he is working on realizing this dream bit by bit. Part of the company’s services include refurbishment projects, turning houses and apartments into high-end, “magazine-esque” spaces.

Heiba sees his strength as being not only in his study of construction engineering, but primarily in his study of political science, which gave him the skill of being able to understand different people from different walks of life. This has led him to being able to adapt to their mindsets and think from their points of view. This hasn’t only helped him grow his company at the local level, but also to expand it internationally. OWH’s development branch is now open in London and the consultancy branch is present in eight other companies.

Furthermore, Heiba’s main motive in life is to benefit and care for the people around him: his family, his team and his clients. Seeing his team succeed and grow, feeling fulfilled personally and professionally, is a major driving force for him, as is the case when he sees one of his clients happy with his investment or his newly refurbished home.

Abdel Karim Fathy: The Chess Player
Life is a balance between work and pleasure. Work hard to soar and merit the euphoria of being able to recharge your soul.

“You’re talking about building generations of leaders for the future. The feeling of contributing to these people’s future and seeing them grow is my definition of success.”

Abdel Karim Fathy is the man with wings. Fathy started his career at BAT before moving on to be the on-premises manager of Red Bull, which at that point was just starting up in Egypt. He worked at Red Bull for nine years, five of which he spent serving the company as General Manager, helping to establish and solidify its presence in Egypt. Today Red Bull’s image is not purely that of a company manufacturing energy drinks, but also as a patron of entertainment and culture. Fathy’s vision and experience was one of the main catalysts behind Red Bull’s growth in Egypt.

Throughout his time there, he always believed in the importance of developing the young talent working at Red Bull, which is one of his main philosophies in life and crucial to his definition of success. And he has set this as one of his missions in life. According to his perspective, nobody can stay on top forever, but one can live on forever through other people. So it is through your teachings, love and respect that you can impact others and that’s how you know you’ve reached great success. Now Fathy has decided to take on a new challenge and has taken up the position of General Manager at Lead, one of the Middle East’s leading marketing solutions companies, where he hopes to add to the success of the company and work on further developing its team.


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