On the first of August DP World, in collaboration with the Egyptian Government and Suez Governorate, has announced that it will be launching 11 projects in the health, education, water and social welfare sectors to serve local communities in Suez and Sokhna. These projects will help benefit around 7500 people in both cities.

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. Ajay Singh, CEO, DP World-Sokhna, said: “Corporate sustainability is at the heart of our business in countries and regions where we operate and we firmly believe that public-private partnerships are key in helping achieve tangible development for local people and their communities.”

Kathryn Wightman – Beaven, Head of Sustainability at DP World, added: “We are delighted to see this program  in Egypt, which forms part of our global sustainability programme ‘Our World, Our Future’ based on four pillars: protecting the  environment, investing in our people, ensuring the highest safety standards, and building a vibrant, secure and resilient society.”

DP World-Sokhna employees will participate through monetary donations and volunteering their time to help with the projects that will be implemented from August to December 2017.

Educational initiatives include the upgrade of school facilities in the Al Mothalath area, organizing literacy classes at the Faisal Youth Center and distributing 1000 stationery bags to school students in Manshiat Salama, in addition to summer training for university students.

As for the water and social sectors:

  • The Ganaien area will see establishment in the water infrastructure.
  • Tree planting will take place in Suez.
  • Food packages will be distributed for low income families in Genefa.
  • A drivers’ rest area will be set up in Sokhna.